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My passion for flowers started as a young child playing in my Grandmother's tiny garden. The magic of seeing crocuses appear in the spring, the heady scent and texture of her roses in summer, earthy autumn tones and glowing colours took me to places full of wonder. She taught me how to grow flowers from seed and that your soil was just as much a living thing as the flowers that grew in it.

This passion was nurtured over the years as I took on my own gardens and allotments which served as an escape from a busy office based career.  Nine years ago we came to Teddington to a run down ramshackle house with a severely neglected walled garden that had been used as dumping ground for rubble and rubbish.  A lot of hard work and care has turned what was a waste site into a productive garden that is buzzing with insects and birds.

Three years ago I left the busy office job and concentrated on growing flowers to cut and arrange. I am very lucky to have had my floristry skills nurtured by the teachings of some inspirational florists and I continue to seek out opportunities to learn from others.  My aim in my floral design is to work with the inspiration of the seasons, curating colour, shapes and textures to create pieces that complement and respect the beauty that is naturally there.

Nettlewood Flowers is a small-scale flower producer and our flowers all grown in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way, nurturing the soil to grow strong, healthy, beautiful flowers. Working with the seasons we grow a wide range of flowers that suit our soil and conditions.